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Double Shot #1519

  • UI Testing in Xcode 7 - I really need to look into this, even though I have grown to detest Xcode (and coding for Apple in general, for that matter).
  • Opal Playground - Like JSFiddle but with moar ruby.
  • Maktoub - Rails engine for newsletter management.

Double Shot #1518

  • Squib - Ruby DSL for designing card games.
  • Bitnami Container Images for Docker - Now in Beta - Another option for Dockerizing your setup, from an outfit that has long delivered good server images in a variety of formats.
  • Atom 1.0 - I don't care to fight the editor wars, but it's always nice to see a new one reach the stable release point.

Double Shot #1517


Double Shot #1516

  • GitFlow Considered Harmful - An argument against one of the popular ways to use git in a team.
  • No Code of Conduct - If your software project simply must have a Code of Conduct, I'd pick this one.
  • Pale Moon - A fork of Firefox that's avoiding mass UI and functionality changes in favor of familiarity and customization.

Double Shot #1515

  • Patternfly - Bootstrap plus UI Templates to help you implement common web UX patterns.
  • A Week with a Rails Security Strategy - Some exercises to help you build good habits as you write your code.
  • Own-Mailbox - Home appliance for secure email at a reasonable cost. Looks intriguing, but so far it's vaporware.