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Double Shot #1695


Double Shot #1694

  • 2.0beta1 is ready! Testers needed! - That's of GalliumOS, a Linux for Chromebooks. I'm following this with interest; so far a cheap-ass Chromebook running 1.0 is plenty good enough to run a browser, MySQL, and Sublime Text so I can work on Rails applications. I may have bought my last expensive laptop.
  • Introducing Blue Ocean - A new UI for Jenkins that emphasizes workflows (and prettiness).
  • Abstractions and the role of a framework - A little more exploration of issues surrounding Ruby, Rails, and alternative frameworks.

Double Shot #1693


Double Shot #1692

Postings are going to be spotty for the next month or so. I've got a lot of summer camp time coming up.

  • fake_stripe - Test Stripe code without hitting Stripe's servers.
  • jQuery 3.0 Release Candidate...Released! - Good grief, I don't even understand all the stuff in 2.x yet. I suspect the deprecation removals will keep me from upgrading for a while though.
  • Spectre.css - "A lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework"

Double Shot #1691

  • My time with Rails is up - Another experienced developer gets fed up with the Rails way. There are some good points in here.
  • Hanami - Ruby framework promising simplicity, speed, and security.
  • Pastejacking - This is why we can't have nice things.