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A Fresh Cup

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  • Gutter - Server monitoring as a Rails engine.
  • Shoulda Matchers 2.8.0 - The latest version of Thoughtbot's test helpers for validations and associations, complete with Rails 4.2 support.
  • Announcing MongoDB 3.0 - Plenty of hype here, but looks like some good feature advances as well. I'm still skeptical that it is "the new DBMS standard".

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Double Shot #1466

If you're looking for a senior Rails or junior Erlang developer, Dana Jones is looking for her next position.

  • Pronto - Automated code analysis tool that you can use with GitHub, GitLab, or locally.
  • Announcing Hound: A Lightning Fast Code Search Tool - Designed to search across multiple repositories.
  • iOS on Rails - Reference book and repository for designing both a Rails API and an iOS app to consume it. $39 from Thoughtbot.