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Double Shot #1562


Double Shot #1561

  • ttnt - Experimental testing library to find and run only the tests affected by particular code commits.
  • AnyLogin - User impersonation gem for developers that integrates with Devise and Authlogic.

Double Shot #1560


Double Shot #1559

  • Upgrade to El Capitan, with Homebrew & Ruby and El Capitan & Homebrew - Apple continues to get more developer-hostile all the time. It's taken me a long time to reach this point, but I'm done buying Apple hardware. Time to migrate the rest of the way to Linux. As a bonus, that means I won't have to deal with Xcode and iOS any longer.
  • clipboard.js - Enables copy to clipboard for web apps without Flash. Oh, unless people are using Safari, which is as stupid as the rest of Apple's ecosystem these days.
  • Rails Got 99 Problems (But These Ain't Them) - Why Rails still serves as an effective development environment even though it isn't the new sexy any longer.

Double Shot #1558

  • Ultimate Guide for Logging - Crowdsourced resource hosted by Loggly but with info on a bunch of different tools.
  • Gitcolony - Hosted or on-premises git solution with an emphasis on code reviews.
  • rails_stuff - A medley of little modules and helpers for Rails.