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Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #1589

  • This week in Rails - All the new stuff from the week's development including new minor releases in the 4.1 and 4.2 series.
  • Brakeman Pro 1.0 is Available - Commercial Rails security scanner built on the open source Brakeman project. It adds a GUI and promises a deeper analysis in the future, for $2500.
  • App Monitoring for the Modern Dev Team - Scout's app monitoring product has launched, at $59/server/month. I've worked with it in its beta period, and it's pretty sweet for Rails apps.

Double Shot #1588

  • Nanobox - Magic layer to make Vagrant + Docker just work by detecting and installing all your app's dependencies.
  • Sidekiq 4.0! - A major optimization release of this solid jobs engine.
  • Scrivito - Cloud-backed Rails CMS with professional features & pricing.

Double Shot #1587

  • Dockercraft - A Docker client that runs in Minecraft. This is what happens when developers have too much time on their hands.
  • Open Source Work - A major contributor to the Ruby/Rails universe burns out. Not an unusual thing, alas. Open source is pretty unsustainable.
  • Pakyow - "A Ruby framework for building the modern web", with an emphasis on realtime and push updates.

Double Shot #1586

  • FiveStar - Gem to implement a rating system atop whatever domain objects you like.
  • DRG CMS - A content management system built with Rails and Mongo DB.
  • ne - The "nice editor", a simple text editor that can be installed most anywhere and is easier than vi or emacs.

Double Shot #1585