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Double Shot #1500

Another nice round number in the title there. Sometimes inertia is the key to success.

  • On Ruby - Primarily an argument to keep your implicit dependencies to a minimum, with recommendations on gems to help you do that.
  • Gathering and Visualizing metrics from Rails application using InfluxDB - A proof-of-concept setup that will help you wire up this time series database.
  • Git Style Guide - Suggestions on branches, commits, and merging. As with any other style guide, use this as inspiration to codify your own best practices.
  • CachetHQ - A system for building your own fancy-schmancy status pages.
  • Toolkit - "Extensible front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript user interface components for the responsive, mobile, and modern web."

Double Shot #1499


Double Shot #1498

Hooray, survived another year of "the day the internet is covered in stupid crap".

  • Eldr - Minimal ruby framework "without all the magic" implemented as a thin layer of gems on top of rack.
  • Ate - "Minimalistic framework-agnostic template engine" for ruby applications.
  • irb Tools - A collection of improvements for Ruby's irb.

Double Shot #1497

  • Two Factor Auth - List of sites supporting it, and a way to nag the ones that don't.
  • JSON:API - Because you can never have enough standards. And because we want JSON to turn into Son of SOAP.
  • Rails Play - Quickly spin up playground apps with some sample data so you can test Rails features.

Double Shot #1496