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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #471

Had a fun evening of patching Rails sites. Hope you did too.


Double Shot #470

I'm sure something happened in Rails-land yesterday, but I didn't see it, so just one link today. More tomorrow, I expect.

  • Firefox 3.5 Preview - If you haven't been seduced away by Safari, here's the latest Firefox, now nearing release candidate status and plenty stable enough for daily browsing.


Double Shot #469

Yup, Monday again. Keeps happening for some reason.

  • Introducing Trample: A Better Load Sampler - James Golick wants to help you beat up your application.

  • Freelancing: Writing Estimates - Advice for not losing your shirt when bidding a development project.

  • sham_rack - FakeWeb for Rack, sort of: a way to stub out external sites via Rack for testing.

  • CUPS - Huh, browser-based printer management on OS X, just visit - more unixy goodness.

  • Lynxlet - Lynx on OS X. Useful if you ever need to visit a gopher site, I guess.

Double Shot #468

And some days, the bugs eat you.


Double Shot #467

Back on a reasonably early morning schedule. Hopefully I can catch more than worms.

  • Adobe BrowserLab - Adobe hosted service for cross-browser testing. It didn't work on the test page I threw at it, but maybe you'll have better luck.

  • ClickTale - Serious in-page web analytics. I might have some use for this in the future.

  • Joe - Thor scripts to simplify releasing gems to RubyForge.

  • Auto timeout sessions in Rails - Just like banks and stuff use to turn off your browser session.

  • Security Problem with authenticate_with_http_digest - Yeah, Rails had another security issue. It's hardly the worst one ever. I'm very amused by Hacker News trying to get the mob together with pitchforks for this one. (Full disclosure: I'm partially responsible because I passed on the original documentation to the blog entry without spotting the error. Guess I'd better go shoot myself for that.)