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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #573

Been a very long week, but I'm happy with the way various projects are improving.


Double Shot #572

There is no apparent end of code that needs to be written.


Double Shot #571

Today I think I shall be a performance expert.

  • Funding Thinking Sphinx - Pat Allen is looking for sponsorship to spend a month working on the Thinking Sphinx plugin. That's a good cause.

  • Mu - Facebook Connect library written in JavaScript.

  • Introducing Amazon RDS - The Amazon Relational Database Service - Essentially, canned MySQL servers in the Amazon cloud.

  • nice_find - Find replacement for TextMate that uses grep or git_grep on your project.

Double Shot #570

I wonder what language I'll be writing code in five years from now?


Double Shot #569

Not too much of note over the weekend. Maybe everyone was at startup school.

  • eCSStender 1.0 - Javascript to bludgeon older browsers into paying attention to advanced CSS.

  • shindo - "Simple depth first ruby testing" provides yet another test framework.

  • assert{2.0} - And here's "the industry's most aggressive TDD system" which uses reflection to dump debugging information in case of any test failures.