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Double Shot #745

Sometimes life hands you a lemon tree.


Double Shot #744

Today, I drop eggs.


Double Shot #743

  • aruba - CLI testing steps for Cucumber.
  • Fuck Stallman - Giles Bowkett nails it. I'm not the greatest Steve Jobs fan in the universe, but Stallman's behavior was far below the level of basic human decency.
  • Postbox 3 is Now Available! - I switched from Mail.app to Postbox a year ago, and I've never once regretted it.
  • Gemnasium - Subscription service to notify you of gem updates that affect your project.
  • Introducing GitHub Enterprise - If you have a spare $5K laying around, you can self-host GitHub.
  • Shopify Fund - Shopify has a million bucks to spend on enhancing its ecosystem, and it wants you to have a piece of that.

Double Shot #742

You know what's scary? Source code is scary.

  • Evernote Web Clipper - New version. Doesn't appear to work at all with Firefox 10, though. Pity.
  • rocco - Literate programming tool for Ruby. The output is pretty spiffy.
  • spin - Unobtrusive alternative to spork to speed up autotesting.
  • ievms - Easily set up Microsoft's testing VMs for IE7, IE8 and IE9 under VirtualBox on Linux or OS X.
  • Things that Turbo Pascal is Smaller Than - This makes me sad for our profession.
  • slider.js - The latest whizbang jQuery slideshow library, using CSS transitions and canvas to attract attention.
  • MagLev 1.0.0 - The alternative ruby implementation with a distributed shared cache gets a Halloween release. Sexy examples here.

Double Shot #741

If I wanted a robot to clean up my GitHub projects I'd hire one.