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Double Shot #563

Looks like I'm safely booked up for the next couple of months. Maybe the summer drought is over.

More Tools: There are some more folks chiming in on the "Tools of the Trade" thread:

And a few other odds and ends:


Double Shot #562

Today it would be nice to hit a few home runs.

Double Shot #561

Tools of the Trade
- A few more folks have posted their own lists of what they use to develop software. Lots of good stuff lurking here:

And a few other odds and ends:
  • Gerrit - Google project to provide Web-based code review and project management for git-based projects. Interesting but too enterprisey for me to want to use.

  • Kiln: Looks like the Fog Creek guys are getting into code review too. Can't tell what SCMs they support, though.

  • Repository Hosting - Inexpensive Trac, Git, and SVN hosting. I may end up switching some of my repos here. No fancy social features, but sometimes all you want is a publicly-reachable remote.

Double Shot #560

Much as I'm spending more time on management these days, I do enjoy the chances I get to write some good code.


Double Shot #559

I'm putting in way too many late nights these days.