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Double Shot #621

I'm not sure I can recommend insomnia as a business strategy, but it works for me.

Double Shot #620

Looks like the first snow of the winter is about to arrive. My kids are considerably more overjoyed with this than I am.

Double Shot #619

Looks like the next RailsBridge BugMash is going to focus on Rails 3, just before the beta. This could be interesting.
  • Lemon - Yet another ruby unit test framework, this one focused on making sure there's a test case for every method.
  • Reincarnate - How to make a ruby class inherit from itself.
  • Sphinx Monitoring Plugin - The latest nice touch from the Scout guys.
  • Cromwell - Wrapper for ruby signal handling to allow you to easily create unkillable scripts.
  • Stencil - Free-text (ie, not assuming HTML) templating system.
  • Rubinius 1.0.0-RC2 Released - Ruby in Ruby moves along.
  • Firebug 1.6a1 - The next branch of Firebug (for Firefox 3.6/3.7) has gone live.

Double Shot #618

Well, at least it's January.
  • Primer - Paste in HTML, get back a CSS stylesheet with all the classes and IDs listed.
  • jLinq - LINQ style querying in Javascript. This is getting out of hand.
  • Save MySQL! - You know, if the MySQL founders wanted to exercise so much control over its future, maybe they shouldn't have sold the company.
  • RSSOwl 2.0.2 - A new release of a desktop RSS reader. That's a rare occurence these days.
  • hanoi - Some glue for automated jQuery testing.
  • netrecorder - Record actual network traffic for later use with fakeweb.
  • A Month in the Life of Thinking Sphinx - Lots of nice changes to this gem lately.
  • phd - Push deployments for passenger.
  • ReMate - TextMate plugin to disable automatic project tree refresh, making TM more useful against remote shares.

Double Shot #617

Welcome to 2010. Let's hope it's better than 2009 all around.
  • The Hackety Manifesto - A plan to make programming accessible again, as it was in the days of the C64 (or antique 8-bit computer of your choice).