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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #491

My schedule is not full, by the way, in case you need an extra hand to drive a Rails project to a successful conclusion.


Double Shot #490

Are there more scammers in the world thanks to the net, or do they just have more reach?


Double Shot #489

Had a modestly productive weekend, in between explosions and shrapnel.


Double Shot #488

Lots going on in the Rails repository lately; I smell another release soon. (And no, I don't have insider information at this point).


Double Shot #487

Finally, a few reasonable links for the week. Thanks for sticking around.

  • rangetastic - Plugin for doing "between" filtering on ActiveRecord dates via named scopes.

  • PragPub - New free PDF magazine from the Prags. Not much here for Rubyists, but hey, it's free.

  • Launchly - Service to track and monitor feedback on your new web site. They have some free plans for their own launch.

  • 2009 Contest Kickoff - This year's Rails Rumble dates and details are out.

  • RailsBridge - Things are still cooking over at RailsBridge, so if you want to help create an inclusive and friendly Rails community c'mon by. We just relaunched our main site with a new look.

  • haml_scaffold - Like the built-in Rails scaffolding, but generates haml and sass instead of erb and css.