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A Fresh Cup

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Double Shot #414

Looks like I've got a hole coming up in my schedule the second half of April. So it's time to nail down some work for that timeslot.

  • Rails 2.3 Support (Major Plugin Refactoring) - Exceptional joins the list of services that are ready for Rails 2.3.

  • One Laptop Battery Later And I'm a Django Fan - A review from the kinder, gentler Zed Shaw.

  • Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.0 - I18n package now updated with support for Rails 2.3.2.

  • libxml-ruby 1.1.3 - Boosting Performance - The battle of the Ruby XML libraries continues.

  • .NET MVC vs Ruby on Rails - Rundown from someone who has tried both.

  • sinatra-tailer - Sinatra app to view log files with automatic updating.

  • sevenup - JavaScript code to pressure people to upgrade from IE6 to, well, anything.
  • Friday

    Double Shot #413

    I wonder whether more people turn to SEO as a solution in times of economic downturn.

  • Get Paid to Work on Rails - Rails is sponsoring some students in the Google Summer of Code program this year.

  • The trouble with mocks (or design versus acceptance) - The debate about mocks in testing will never end.

  • Does Ruby Dream an Eclectic Shell? - I don't do enough work in the shell to want to bother replacing bash, but here's an all-Ruby replacement coming down the pike.

  • A Rails App in Seconds - Online Rails application template generator that can install a bunch of gems and plugins, capify things, and so on.
  • Wednesday

    Double Shot #412

    If you've got a project that need Rails coding, it looks like I may have some time coming up in the next month or two.

  • JRuby 1.2.0 Released
    - If you're in an upgrading mood, here's another major chunk just out.

  • Moonshine: What burns blue makes your blues go away - New overarching solution for provisioning and deploying to Rails servers from the Rails Machine folks.
  • Wednesday


    Rails is out. There's some confusion about this floating around already, so here's the scoop as I understand it:

    • The original Rails 2.3.2 gems were built including this commit from the Rails master tree, which is critical for proper functionality.

    • The 2.3.2 tag in GitHub unfortunately points to this commit, which is before the critical fix.

    • The net result is that rake rails:freeze:edge RELEASE=2.3.2 would freeze a bad version of Rails into your application.

    To fix this, the Rails team has re-tagged the master tree at a safer spot, after the critical fix. This new tag is for release So if you're freezing Rails 2.3 into your applications (as opposed to running it from gems) be sure to use rake rails:freeze:edge RELEASE= That .1 makes all the difference.

    Double Shot #411

    It gets harder to concentrate on code as the weather gets nicer.

  • inaction_mailer - Plugin to save delivered emails as files during development.

  • Bring Down IE6 - Amen.

  • BlueRuby - Ruby on SAP'S ABAP stack. Odds are good that Rails will not run on this, I expect.