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Double Shot #530

Just a few odds and ends this morning.


Double Shot #529

I'll likely be doing a Snow Leopard upgrade on my main dev box some time next week - after I have a good bootable backup. Meanwhile, I've collected a bunch of links to (I hope) avoid some of the trouble spots.

Other stuff

Snow Leopard Stuff


Double Shot #528

Looks like it's the quiet part of the week.

  • 1.0 GA Released - Of MongoDB that is, and pronounced production-ready by its creators.

  • On Rake - A few notes on more advanced Rake usage.

Double Shot #527

Is it Friday yet? No? Gotta work then.


Double Shot #526

Hopefully this will be the day to get rid of some of the peskier bugs.

  • Baseline - Yet another CSS design framework.

  • Testing Paperclip on S3 with Cucumber & Factory Girl - A how-to from Thoughtbot.

  • Apigee - "Analytics and Protection for APIs and Mashups." Looks quite useful if you want things like rate-throttling and don't want to code them yourself.

  • Ruby Version Manager - Gem to handle switching easily between multiple ruby installs. Early days, haven't played with it myself but it's getting some good Twitter buzz.

  • ruby-debug19 - Port of ruby-debug to ruby 1.9.