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Double Shot #606

It was a quiet day in Rails-land.

Double Shot #605

All I can say is Tuesday had better be less hectic than Monday was.

Double Shot #604

It was a busy weekend. Here's some of the fallout.
  • Temple - A plan for a sort of "Rack of templates", a compiler chain to take different types of templates and compile them down to pure Ruby.
  • carrierwave - New solution for file uploads in Rails, Merb, Sinatra, or any Rack application.
  • Notational Velocity - Super simple note-taking and filing application for OS X.
  • Master May I? - A fresh authorization gem designed to work with Authlogic and InheritedResources.
  • Safe In Place Editing Plugin - Replacement for the standard Rails InPlaceEditing plugin, with better error handling and support for markup languages.
  • dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library - Spiffy zoomable charts of time series.
  • MongoDB 1.2.0 Released - For all you NoSQL types.
  • TimeAPI - API to get dates/times via Chronic. Seems fairly insane to depend on an external service for that, though.
  • Rock Solid HTML Emails - Good rundown from the co-founder of Campaign Monitor on design dos and don'ts.
  • carmen - Country and state selection for Rails, with support for states in 7 countries so far.
  • Why I Don't Like Pair Programming (and Why I Left Pivotal) - Good reminder that pairing is not for everyone. I've done pairing in limited circumstances, but there's no way I'd work like that full-time. (I guess that means HashRocket will never hire me, boo-hoo).

Double Shot #603

A quiet end to the week.
  • PhoneGap - Open source development tool for building apps that work on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.
  • jQuery 'Tab Slide Out" Plugin - Implement one of those little "Feedback" tabs at the side of the page.

Double Shot #602

It's safe to say I am not looking for more work this month.
  • Excelsior - Fast CSV parsing gem.
  • Teambox - Open source Rails-based project management app.
  • oracle_enhanced adapter - ActiveRecord for Oracle, compatible with Rails 2.3.5.
  • Ruby Community Survey - If social scientists wrote computer code as well as Rails developers design surveys, we'd bust out laughing.