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How Big is a Nutshell?

Last week Philip Hallstrom posted Ruby in a Nutshell... offering a quick visual comparison of four of O'Reilly's books and dramatically illustrating how much simpler Ruby is than Java. Inspired by this, I just spent a few minutes poking around the O'Reilly web site to construct what we might call the "Nutshell Index": how many pages it takes to cover the essentials of a language or technology. Without further ado:

 224 Ruby
 240 UML
 352 Rails
 384 PHP
 576 MySQL
 576 Cocoa
 592 SQL
 624 C
 720 XML
 742 Python
 768 Perl
 768 VB.NET
 816 C++
 832 Web design
 944 Linux
1046 C#
1264 Java
And yes, I know this has no statistical validity at all - likely it represents more the coverage depth decisions made by individual authors and editors more than anything else. Still fun.

Double Shot #583

Rails remains fun to work with, at least for me. How about you?

Double Shot #582

Somehow I didn't surf across too much yesterday. Distracted, I guess.

Double Shot #581

I've had better weeks. But there's always fun code to look at:

Double Shot #580

Still slowly rearranging stuff around here. I think all the content is in the new system.
  • Meet jQuery - The PeepCode screencast tackles jQuery. A good intro if you need to get the lay of the land and see how to use and extend jQuery.
  • Jaml: beautiful HTML generation for JavaScript - You know, I'm not convinced that everything that can be done should be done, but this at least looks technically cool.
  • Django vs Rails - One startup explains why they made the decision they did. Good high-level comparison.