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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #479

Announcing my latest project: Rails Rescue Handbook. If you're facing a Rails codebase that needs help, you may find this $9.95 ebook useful.


Double Shot #478

The best thing about working for a global company is waking up to find some things already done.

  • Pagehand - Interesting-looking new word processor for OS X, using PDF as its storage format.

  • Ruby on Rails 101 - A collection of links for people just starting out.

  • Sass and Less - Looks like Sass is going to pick up some of the ideas that people liked from Less.

  • rack-cache - Drop-in HTTP caching for your Rails (and other Rack-based) applications.

Double Shot #477

Stay tuned...I'll be releasing an ebook in a few days that may be of interest to Rails freelancers.


Double Shot #476

It always feels good to actually *deploy* code.


Double Shot #475

Just a couple of odds and ends.