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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #504

I'm sure someone took the weekend off, but apparently it wasn't anyone whose site I read.


Double Shot #503

This seems like a good time to remind folks that I've got time free for new and interesting Rails contracts, if you're looking to pick up an extra developer.


Double Shot #502

Apparently delay was on people's mind yesterday.


Double Shot #501

Life goes on.


Double Shot #500

Yup, 500 of these things. A bit hard to believe.

  • Rails 2.3.3: Touching, faster JSON, bug fixes - No huge changes, but some important fixes and a few minor features. The current plan is for 2.3.x to update every six weeks until 3.0 comes out.

  • Better rake:routes - Better because it lets you specify a controller and only prints the matching routes if you do.

  • Inquiry - Managed service to handle FAQs for your application. Not clear this is something I'd choose to outsource, but that appears to be the way of the future.

  • constructor - Named argument style initialization for any Ruby class. Not new, but potentially useful.

  • Ruby 1.9.2 preview 1 released - And the march of progress continues.

  • What would you like in a code quality tool? - Cogent is planning a tool that you can just point at your repo. Fill out their survey for free access to the product when it exists.

  • Git User's Survey 2009 - In case you'd like to offer the git developers some detailed feedback on your use of their tool.