A Fresh Cup is Mike Gunderloy's software development weblog, covering Ruby on Rails and whatever else I find interesting in the universe of software. I'm a full-time software developer: most of my time in recent years has been spent writing Rails, though I've dabbled in many other things and like most people who have been writing code for decades I can learn new stuff as needed.

Currently I'm unemployed and starting to look around for my next opportunity as a senior manager, team lead, or lead developer. Drop me a comment if you're interested or email MikeG1 [at] larkfarm.com.


A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


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Posting may be spotty for a while - summer camp season is underway!

  • rubocop-rails - A RuboCop configuration to help ensure that your PRs follow the official Ruby on Rails style.
  • Proximate vs Root Causes: Why You Should Keep Digging to Find the Answer - Root Cause Analysis applies to life as well as software. I'm surprised by how many developers don't do RCA when faced with a serious bug/incident though.
  • Flynn - Do-it-yourself PAAS (or you can pay them to manage a cluster for you).
  • ActiveObject - "Commonly used object helpers in a ruby based project." If ActiveSupport doesn't add enough syntactic sugar for you, here's a good deal more.

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You're getting longer Double Shots because I'm still looking for a job. I'm sure you all appreciate that. But if you'd like to help fix the situation, please drop me a line at MikeG1 [at] larkfarm.com. Hey, maybe someone would give me an hour of paid time a day to keep this up?


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  • capistrano-fiesta - Capistrano addin to put together an editable list of GitHub pull requests and then push it over to Slack.
  • SkyBlue CSS Framework - A lighter alternative to Bootstrap that's working well for me in a new Rails project. There's an associated gem to load it up.
  • HTML Color Codes - Color pickers, charts, hex codes, names...pretty much everything you might need.
  • Webpacker 2.0 - The webpack integration for Rails is moving quickly. Be sure to read the changelog if you're updating, because there is a breaking configuration change.
  • Railsconf 2017: The Performance Update - A round-up from Nate Berkopec, who was clearly in the thick of things.