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Double Shot #1545

  • What's New in Bootstrap 4 - Lots.
  • The Power of Power Cycling - In the bad old days when I was in customer support, we used to joke that 90% of the problems we got calls for could be solved by remembering that it works better when it's plugged in & turned on. Actually I'm not sure that was a joke.
  • I, Object! - Just how do all those ducks work in Ruby, anyhow?

Double Shot #1544

Why I'm opposed to Codes of Conduct: I fear a race to be holier than thou, a world where everyone who does not stay perfectly aligned with a party line set by the most intolerant gets attacked and dismissed. I am troubled by the trend to protect people from being challenged by diverse ideas, and I hold (with John Stuart Mill) that a vibrant marketplace of ideas - even odious ideas - is our best guarantee of continued freedom and intellectual progress.

  • A Salute to Solo Programmers - It's hard for me to read this without thinking that our industry has gone far, far down the wrong path. Of course, I think that most of the time anyhow. But there could have been a world in which impressively functional applications were small & nearly bug-free.
  • httpie - CLI tool for making HTTP requests designed to be simpler to use than cURL.
  • Writ - "Opinionated, classless styles for semantic HTML" - In other words, a better default stylesheet than your browser uses by itself.

Double Shot #1543

  • Rails Contributor Code of Conduct - I just want to make it 100% crystal clear that I do not represent the Rails project or its community. As far as I'm concerned, this whole CoC trend is an extremely bad idea.
  • Bootstrap 4 Alpha - Remember when this CSS framework was just a teeny little thing? Yeah, me neither.
  • The Future of Developing Firefox Add-ons - The future appears to consist of dropping the way add-ons have been written for a decade and reducing what they can do. Some developers are not happy. I'm not real happy either; this brings up the real possibility of not having a single web browser that fits my needs.

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