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Double Shot #757

If only client work were as fun as finding out what's new on the Internet.

  • Sugru - Air-curing rubber. Looks cool, but I can only imagine what nefarious uses my children would put it to.
  • showoff.io - "The easiest way to share localhost over the web." Yeah, yeah, it's just automating SSH tunnels, but for $5 a month I'll take the easy automated solution.
  • handsoap and savon - Superior alternatives to soap4r (if only that project weren't already committed to soap4r!). (Hat tip to Jérémy Lecour)
  • s3nukem - Delete large Amazon S3 buckets - Deleting buckets with millions of items is one of the stupidly hard operations in Amazon S3. This makes it a bit easier. (Hat tip to Jérémy Lecour)
  • Pakyow 0.7 - Oh look, another ruby web framework came out when I wasn't looking.
  • jquip - Project to break up the monolithic jQuery code to a small core and plugins.
  • Literate programming with Github and Markdown - I've been interested in literate programming for ages - but not interested enough to actually expend the effort.
  • Mulberry - Cross-platform web application framework built on top of PhoneGap.
  • Introducing gem_git: tiny tools for working with gems' code via Git - The easy way to clone or fork a gem.

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