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Currently I'm employed as the Vice President of Engineering at Faria Education Group. If you're interested in working with me, we're often hiring smart developers. Drop me a comment if you're interested or email MikeG1 [at] larkfarm.com.

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Double Shot #758

Early morning are my favorite time, even when code is involved.

  • GitHire - "Find skilled programmers in your area" by searching GitHub by location and ranking by some popularity metric.
  • Calepin - Hosted blog publishing using Dropbox and Markdown.
  • jQuery 1.7.1 Released - With a batch of bug fixes.
  • Heroku Postgres - SQL-as-a-service, starting at $200/month. The launch announcement is here.
  • Programming - All too true.
  • Faye - Simple pub/sub messaging for node.js and Ruby. As of the 0.7 release it includes direct WebSocket APIs for node and rack.
  • Skype Styles - Skin for Mac Skype chat. This might actually make recent Mac Skype clients halfway usable.

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