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Currently I'm unemployed and starting to look around for my next opportunity as a senior manager, team lead, or lead developer. Drop me a comment if you're interested or email MikeG1 [at] larkfarm.com.

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Double Shot #782

Trying to get back to work post-holiday is always tough. But gotta pay for the holiday somehow.

  • Kidsruby 1.0 - Major milestone for thie easy-to-install learning environment for budding rubyists.
  • bootstrap-will_paginate - Seamless integration of the standard pagination gem with Twitter's Bootstrap templates.
  • Blogcast 1.1 - Simple Rails 3 blogging engine, now upgraded to work with Rails 3.1.
  • ff-html5notifications - I'd love for all the browsers to support "toast" notifications. But even with this sort of hackery, they're not there yet.
  • Evaluating alternative Decorator implementations in Ruby - A chunk of the Ruby/Rails community appears to be going through a phase of patternizing things.
  • tmpltr - Layout engine that uses data stored as JSON and bound to an HTML template. Spiffy home page allows you to edit things directly in the browser and then export your changes.

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