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Double Shot #784

Some day I'll have enough electronics, right?

  • Ruby Gems API Console - Courtesy of the folks over at Apigee.
  • rubygems-bundler - Glue code designed to eliminate typing "bundle exec" all the time.
  • Amazon S3 - Object Expiration - More management tools for cleaning stuff out of Amazon S3 buckets. I smell a cache-expiration strategy waiting to be built here.
  • Learning Rails: A Glossary - Terms and tools the new Rails user may run across.
  • Security News - New releases of Rack: 1.4.0 (no more support for Ruby 1.8.6), 1.3.6 (Security fix), 1.2.5 (Security fix), 1.1.3 (Security fix). Details of the attack at the JRuby release announcement. Ruby has a new release too (1.8.7 patched, 1.8.6 not patched, 1.9.x not vulnerable). Other software is affected: see the advisory at oCERT. Looks to me like this is worth upgrading to fix, but not the end of the world if it takes you a little while.
  • URI.js - jQuery-style library for manipulating URLs. Includes normalization functions.
  • Cantango - Access control system for Rails 3 that extends CanCan and integrates with Devise, among other things.
  • Who Needs Process? - I don't think I've tried every possible software process, but I've tried a hell of a lot of them. These days, I'm inclined to agree with Ted Dziuba's promotion of anarchy in this article over most anything else.
  • Minitest Quick Reference - Handy, especially if you haven't dug into Ruby 1.9's default testing framework yet.
  • Kaminari - Paginator written from scratch for Rails 3. I should look at this for the next project.

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Yep, give kaminari a try. It's worth it.

December 30, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterlucapette

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