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What's New in Edge Rails #8

Week of February 5-February 11, 2012

Some goodies for PostgreSQL users this week, as well as other odds and ends.

  • As of d70e0236 Active Record supports PostgreSQL partial indexes. add_index(:accounts, :code, :where => "active") generates CREATE INDEX index_accounts_on_code ON accounts(code) WHERE active.
  • f7b915b5 adds support for PostgreSQL hstore columns.
  • Working with CoffeeScript gets just a tiny bit nicer now that rake notes picks up annotations from .coffee files in dd8c6f05.
  • I'm not convinced of its utility, but 60dad828 allows you to provide Float::INFINITY as an argument to validates_length_of.
  • A batch of commits replaced use of ActiveSupport::OrderedHash with pure Ruby 1.9 hashes.

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