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What's New in Edge Rails #13

Week of March 11-March 17, 2012

The big news this week: Active Resource has been removed from Rails, and "API only" Rails applications put in a brief appearance before going back to the drawing board.

  • Text fields and text areas no longer have default size, rows, or cols as of 3384ee24. It's 2012, if you want a default set it in your CSS.
  • eee32af45 adds a dynamic find_or_create_by_{attribute}! method to Active Record.
  • With f1637bf2 Active Resource has been removed from Rails. It will be available as a separate gem if anyone wants to maintain it, though I suspect most people who need that sort of functionality are using one of the alternatives already.
  • c1f397f88 merges a chunk of work to remove sprockets integration from Action Pack and depend on the sprockets-rails gem instead.
  • dde3058c7 removes the Active Record IdentityMap feature, which never worked right anyhow (see 302c912b for some details of the problems).
  • A bunch of commits starting at 4c16791f added "API only" Rails applications. All of them were reverted in 6db930cb because the feature is still half-baked.

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