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What's New in Edge Rails #15

Week of March 25 - March 31, 2012

Much of the work in edge Rails at the moment is concerned with cleaning up the code and making the Ruby better for the future. But there are still some new features coming down the pike.

  • 3e67e45dc327631e085cc67aaa6522b44324364c tweaks resource routing to be a bit more self-evident in the controllers through letting you define a custom parameter name to replace :id.
  • 4882271 cleans up Rails.initialized? to be simpler and more reliable.
  • The recent change to remote forms and authenticity tokens that was part of Rails 3.2.3 is also in master as 128cfbdf.
  • Active Record gets some new finders in 13b3c77e:
    • Post.find_by name: 'Spartacus', rating: 4
    • Post.find_by "published_at < ?", 2.weeks.ago
    • Post.find_by! name: 'Spartacus'

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