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What's New in Edge Rails #18

Week of April 15 - April 29, 2012

Well, two weeks actually, but who's counting?

  • In 41af36f5 Rails moves from the unmaintained ruby-debug19 gem to the newer debugger fork - something you ought to do in any old projects as well.
  • rake notes gets updated in 55ceced1 to also look at your css, scss, and js files.
  • Rails routing gets a bit safer with 56cdc81c. This commit changes the router DSL to require an HTTP verb (or the override :via => :all) when using the match method.
  • 6acebb38b adds support for including multiple routes files from config/routes.
  • adff4a70 adds Rails.queue as a built-in queuing API that can (in the future) be hooked into by more advanced queues such as Sidekiq or Resque. This lead to a moderately large flame war in the commit comments but it looks like it's here to stay. An important follow-on commit is cd50b604, which allows applications to have multiple distinct queues.
  • A batch of commits merged in 7d1a42a0 upgrade to the newest SQLite adapter. This is another fix you can make in your existing projects as well (just by swapping gems).
  • 76cd1ca0 lets you turn off Rails deprecation warnings entirely with ActiveSupport::Deprecations.behavior = :silence.
  • fcc534ed changes the behavior of validation errors on confirmation to render on the confirmation attribute instead of the original attribute.
  • The old button_to_function and link_to_function helpers are gone as of 3acdd652.

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