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Double Shot #870

13 days in a row of Scouting events. I must be nuts.

  • Secure Shell - Implemented as a Chrome extension. Just in case you have Chrome installed on a platform without a terminal emulator, I guess.
  • Doppio - And while we're on the topic of things that are more marvelous than useful, here's an implementation of the Java VM on CoffeeScript.
  • HTTP Monitor - The Firebug and Firefox dev-tools teams are working together on components that both can use. I was wondering about that.
  • Why Postgres - A high-level overview of the things that make Postgres a good choice.
  • Integrating Devise with Backbone.js - For those of you out on the cutting edge.
  • Focused Controller: Bringing Real OOP to Rails Controllers - An experiment from one of the Rails core contributors that fills me with trepidation.
  • How to Securely Bootstrap JSON in a Rails View - Escaping, user-supplied content, and XSS concerns when you're consuming JSON directly.
  • Amon - Server monitoring, logging, and error tracking all in one package.

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