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What's New in Edge Rails #20

Week of May 7 - May 13, 2012

As usual, I'm only pulling out the things that look most interesting to developers using Rails; there's a great deal of work still happening on Rails 4.0 internals. This work is valuable and necessary, but it's the part of the iceberg that remains underwater for most Rails users.

Some time in the last week or two, by the way, Rails master passed 30,000 commits.

  • ceb1dcc3 adds a default humans.txt to new Rails projects.
  • b8f394f4 changes the behavior of Object#try to only use public methods of the target object.
  • ActiveRecord::Store allows you to specify the encoding for serialized attributes starting with 3c0bf043. This allows you to choose JSON, YAML, Marshal, or your own custom storage format.

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