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What's New in Edge Rails #23

Week of May 28 -June 3, 2012

It was a fairly quiet week on the Rails front. Well, if you don't count multiple non-edge dot releases for security fixes.

  • f9cb645d lets you use a block with Active Record counts: Person.where("age > 26").count { |person| gender == 'female' }.
  • 5db367a7 changes the default Gemfile template to use 1.9 hash syntax, which I think is ugly as sin in this case. gem 'capistrano', group: :development. I hate the stuttering colons.
  • rake stats reports on code lines in Javascript and CoffeeScript files with a48b3f1a.
  • 806d023b adds Rails 4.0 release notes to the tree - a sign that things are moving along, I suspect.

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