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Double Shot #920

Things just never seem to slow down, do they?

  • Sparrow + Google - Sparrow dear-johns its customers. This sort of thing is inevitable in a world of VC madness. Makes me sort of look forward to the coming Dot-Bomb 2.0, when we won't see so many promising apps sucked into corporate oblivion.
  • How to prepare for Google's acquisition of Sparrow - Yep, pretty much. I've had friends argue that the existing code is good enough to keep running, but that just leaves you vulnerable to sudden breakage at some unspecified future point. Better to switch in a controlled fashion.
  • Mailplane - There aren't a heck of a lot of alternatives to Sparrow out there (though I expect a lot of wannabe apps to launch shortly). Mailplane isn't bad, if you want a better GMail experience than the web UI offers by itself.
  • LibEtPan - Apparently the mail library underneath Sparrow is still alive as open source.
  • Textastic - Text editor for the iPad with some interesting features to make coding less painful.
  • Adobe PhoneGap 2.0 Released - Big announcement for the mobile developer space, but I don't know that I'll ever be able to bring myself to trust Adobe.
  • the_role - New authorization gem for Rails.
  • The Profound Programmer - Best Tumblr I've seen in a while.
  • RailsLookup - Interesting approach to maintaining normalized lookup tables in Rails.
  • ActiveAccess - Mixin to make automatically generated Active Record methods like name_changed? private.
  • Firebug Tip: Debugging XML - Many of us have moved on from XML, but that doesn't mean it's gone away.
  • Gaia/Hacking - How to try out the Firefox "Boot to Gecko" mobile phone UI on your desktop.
  • Living with HTTPS - It's hard and you're doing it wrong.
  • ore - RubyGems project generator supporting Bundler, rvm, and other goodies.
  • node.js Version 0.9.0 (Unstable) - For you cool kids who live on the cutting edge.
  • Firefox JavaScript Terminal - Experimental JavaScript REPL addon.
  • stickyMojo - jQuery plugin for floating sidebars.
  • SublimeRubyMotionBuilder - RubyMotion syntax highlighting, code completion, and a build system for ST2.
  • Rails i18n tips - With particular attention to using external translators.
  • Holly - "Task tracking for nerds" with a drag and drop web UI and text-editorish keyboard controls.
  • delayed_job_redis - Redis backend for DJ.
  • cucumber-js - Cucumber features for your Node.js projects.
  • Click hijacking in jQuery, part 2 - The click() event in jQuery grabs every click, even if it's ctrl+click or command+click. Here's the fix.
  • rest-client - I used this to spin up a quick API tester over the weekend, and was pretty happy with the results.

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Phonegap is just a distribution of Apache Cordova project which is under Apache Software Foundation.

July 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDalibor Nasevic

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