A Fresh Cup is Mike Gunderloy's software development weblog, covering Ruby on Rails and whatever else I find interesting in the universe of software. I'm a full-time software developer: most of my time in recent years has been spent writing Rails, though I've dabbled in many other things and like most people who have been writing code for decades I can learn new stuff as needed.

Currently I'm unemployed and starting to look around for my next opportunity as a senior manager, team lead, or lead developer. Drop me a comment if you're interested or email MikeG1 [at] larkfarm.com.

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Double Shot #1133

  • UnQLite - Embeddable NoSQL database engine.
  • LicenseFinder - Help your lawyers figure out how your gems are licensed. This stuff is, by the way, an utter mess in the ruby community.
  • "Confident Ruby" now in Beta! - New ebook from Avdi Grimm.
  • ish. - Responsive HTML design tool that throws random viewports at your code so you can see how it copes (or doesn't).

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