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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #282

September is starting out real slowly for me.

Double Shot #281

Spent part of the weekend hacking around in Rails documentation. Made my first core-ish commit as part of the docrails project.

  • Capistrano 2.5.0 - With additional task-management goodness.

  • GetBundle - TextMate bundle to get other TextMate bundles. Why didn't I install this ages ago?

  • RailsWheels - An attempt to build a licensing and commercial sales infrastructure for Rails plugins.

  • Configatron 1.0.0 Released - General-purpose manager for configuration variables in Ruby applications. (via RubyFlow)

  • AsciiDoc - The markup system being used for core Rails documentation.

  • Source-Highlight - You'll need this to get good output from AsciiDoc. Fortunately there's a port, but the port is a bit broken. On OS X 10.5, I had to install the boost port first (sudo port -v install boost) and then install the source-highlight port (sudo port install source-highlight) to get it to work. Do use the -v switch on boost; it takes for-bloody-ever to build and that's the only way you'll be reassured that it hasn't rolled over and died.

  • AsciiDoc TextMate Bundle - Still in its early days.

  • Rails Guides HackFest - I was actually writing before this was announced. Good timing for me, though.


Double Shot #280

It's hard to be witty when your throat is on fire. Kids = colds.

Double Shot #279

I started tweaking a couple of other plugins to meet my needs. Repos on github: finder_filter and from_param. Neither is ready to merge changes back upstream yet.

Double Shot #278

It looks like the universe may be poised to fill in another hole in my work schedule. Thanks, universe.

  • Format CSS Online - Tool for applying a variety of formatting rules to CSS files, to make up for your sloppiness during development.

  • Envy Casts - The latest addition to the paid Rails screencasts ecosystem.

  • Cap 1.4.1? Go 1.4.2. Now. - An upgrade reminder for users of older versions of Capistrano. Fortunately for me, I finally managed to pull all of my own projects up to the Cap 2.x series.

  • The awesomest filter and sort ever - Courtenay is playing with named scopes and searching on multiple conditions in edge Rails. It's looking useful.