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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #227

The big deployment effort on one project is about over, another has gone national, and I'm settling down to write some more code. Some days "routine" is good.

Double Shot #226

Looking forward to a productive day.

  • Dismantling BrowserPlus - why goes hacking around inside Yahoo's extensions and finds out how to serve Ruby there.


Double Shot #225

One of the first RoR sites I contracted on has finally launched. I thought it was cursed forever.

Double Shot #224

The internets were not busy yesterday. Or else I was away from my desk too much.

Double Shot #223

It's off to the Red Cross for me again today.

  • Pool Party - Ruby gem to manage load balancing and failover with Amazon EC2 instances.

  • Ylastic - Another AWS management suite, "coming soon."

  • Versions - Subversion client for OS X, now out in beta.