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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #300

Whew, 300 of these? In other news, we just hired a PA so as to shift towards a higher ratio of billable work to outsourced work. This means I've got more hours to sell, again.

Double Shot #299

4AM continues to be my quietly productive time this week.

Double Shot #298

Early mornings are the most peaceful time around here. Which may explain why I'm awake at 4AM.

  • CouchDB with Rails - The latest screencast from PeepCode. CouchDB has been on my radar for a long time but I haven't had a good excuse to use it yet.

  • Reminder Tests - Dan Manges suggest some novel uses for automated tests. Well, novel to me, anyhow.

  • Cucumber - Plain-text BDD tool that's an alternative to RSpec stories.

  • turled - The "look up Twitter users' web sites fast" script has turned into a whole site, complete with my Ubiquity command.


Double Shot #297

I think the ActiveRecord Associations Guide I wrote may actually be finished.

  • Dynamic Rails Error Help - Making the default validation messages more useful with a bit of javascript.

  • Exceptional - This online error-tracker for Rails apps is now in open beta.

  • Is Your Rails Application Safe? - If you're inadvertently allowing mass assignment, probably not.

  • MysqlTableSyncer - Command-line tool to synch up two MySQL tables.

  • turl - My contribution to a little scripting fest on Twitter yesterday. If you have FF3 + Ubiquity, you can use "turl <userid>" to go straight to a Twitter user's web site.


Double Shot #296

My latest work-in-progress: Rails Routing from the Inside Out. I've been grubbing through the Rails source, and this is the result.