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A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #225

One of the first RoR sites I contracted on has finally launched. I thought it was cursed forever.

Double Shot #224

The internets were not busy yesterday. Or else I was away from my desk too much.

Double Shot #223

It's off to the Red Cross for me again today.

  • Pool Party - Ruby gem to manage load balancing and failover with Amazon EC2 instances.

  • Ylastic - Another AWS management suite, "coming soon."

  • Versions - Subversion client for OS X, now out in beta.


Double Shot #222

Why isn't there a GUI log viewer for OS X that understands ANSI colors?

  • Firebug 1.2b2 - Another release of the essential Firefox add-in.

  • FixtureReplacement - Replacement for Rails fixtures that takes a factory approach to building test objects.


Double Shot #221

Well, after almost 2 years of Mac ownership, I've had a machine turn into a brick. Law of averages, I guess.