A Fresh Cup is Mike Gunderloy's software development weblog, covering Ruby on Rails and whatever else I find interesting in the universe of software. I'm a full-time software developer: most of my time in recent years has been spent writing Rails, though I've dabbled in many other things and like most people who have been writing code for decades I can learn new stuff as needed.

Currently I'm unemployed and starting to look around for my next opportunity as a senior manager, team lead, or lead developer. Drop me a comment if you're interested or email MikeG1 [at] larkfarm.com.


A Fresh Cup

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Thunderbird Again


I’m Chewing on Some of These Same Issues Lately


Ruby Stuff

I'm not entirely sure yet that Ruby is going to be my next computer language, but it's time to collect a few links in one place:

Another Web IDE

Aptana offers an alternative for editing CSS (and lots of other things) on Linux (and other platforms). Good: built-in help and much other flexibility. Bad: still gotta know enough to type everything in by hand, as far as I can tell. Would be nice to have some sort of visual style builder for those of us who are basically CSS idiots.

The Easier Way to Play With Rails

Looks like the Rails Live CD (via Sean McCormack) would have been a way easier way to get started dabbling with some of this stuff than the "build a new box from scratch" approach I took. Then again, I probably learned way more by forcing myself to do it the hard way.