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Thanks for all the kind words, folks. No promises, but there's just too much good stuff out there on the interwebs not to post some of it now and then.

  • The Value of Postmortems - Yes, they are a good thing. Don't ever be the one person who knows everything. First off, if you get hit by a bus, the company is toast. Second, you can never ever leave your current position.
  • SandiMeter - Gem to check your code for compliance with Sandi Metz's rules for good Ruby.

Taking a Break

Some of you may have noticed that Double Shot made it to the magic 1500 number, and then stopped (or maybe no one noticed, I dunno). Even though that's plenty of link roundup posts to get into the habit (and the number is probably closer to 5000, counting previous blogging running all the way back to 1999), it's been getting harder and harder to find time for this the past few months.

Real life, as they say, has been getting in the way of digital life. My job keeps me as busy as I like with coding, my kids are growing up, I'm slowing down a bit. It's time to make it official: I'm going to fallow this blog for a while. Perhaps a long while.

Perhaps I'll come back in a few months and start posting again. Perhaps I'll lose my job and need to build up digital cred again in a hurry. Or perhaps not. I don't anticipate closing the doors on the archives, but for now, this is it.