A Fresh Cup is Mike Gunderloy's software development weblog, covering Ruby on Rails and whatever else I find interesting in the universe of software. I'm a full-time software developer: most of my time in recent years has been spent writing Rails, though I've dabbled in many other things and like most people who have been writing code for decades I can learn new stuff as needed.

As of July 2016, I'm looking for my next job. I'm not able to relocate, so unless you're in the Evansville area, I'd need a completely remote gig. I have lots of experience working remote. Prefer full-time but I wouldn't be averse to an interesting contact gig. Drop me a comment if you've got something or email MikeG1 [at] larkfarm.com.


A Fresh Cup

Notes on Rails and other development


Double Shot #1722

  • NoSQL Databases: a Survey and Decision Guidance - I'm going to go back to just writing things on paper. Good overview of the NoSQL landscape, though.
  • Oprah - "Opinionated presenters for Rails 5". Bonus points for the name.
  • GoReplay - Tool for capturing live web traffic and using it in testing. Unfortunate name, though.

Double Shot #1721


Double Shot #1720


Double Shot #1719


Double Shot #1718

  • Endurance - Make your Mac laptop run longer by turning off features automatically.
  • RDL - A contract DSL for ruby code.
  • Sandthorn Event Sourcing - An implementation of the event sourcing pattern for plain old ruby objects, as part of a broader alternative to ActiveRecord.