Rails 2.2RC1 is out. Here's the official announcement. And here are the Ruby on Rails 2.2 Release Notes - of which I am rather fond, because I wrote the bulk of them.

Some other Rails 2.2 stuff:

  • Ruby on Rails 2.2 - The Rails Envy guys want to sell you PDF and videocast guides to the new features.

  • What's New in Edge Rails: Rails 2.2 Released - Summary of Features</a> and What's New in Edge Rails: Even Better Conditional GET Support - Coverage from Ryan Daigle.

  • And more general links:

  • "raise NoMethodError" raises NoMethodError. Raise it with
    NoMethodError.new instead.
    - My first commit to the core Rails code. Hopefully not the last.

  • Good Homes Wanted - A batch of Rails and Ruby projects looking for new maintainers, including some fairly prominent ones.

  • SIPr - SIP stack written in Ruby. If only I had time to play with VOIP stuff...

  • REST: Some tips and implementing "Forgot your password?" - Some ideas about RESTful design.

  • Thinking Sphinx - New PDF from PeepCode.

  • GitHub Rebase #1 - Nick Quaranto is starting a new series to look at activity over on GitHub.

  • How to Spot a Help Vampire - Wisdom from #rubyonrails.