It's hard to work real effectively when your head is ready to explode. But self-employment doesn't come with paid sick days.

  • What's New in Edge Rails: Default Scoping - Ryan Daigle covers some of the latest changes.

  • SQL Injection Cheat Sheet - Read it as things to guard against rather than a cookbook, please.

  • Shoulda for RSpec is Remarkable - Another addition to the growing stable of testing tools.

  • Installing ruby 1.9preview1 on OS X Leopard - How to do it.

  • QBWC-Mini - Experimental Sinatra server for easier QuickBooks integration.

  • « Distribute Your Content With Amazon CloudFront - Amazon's new CDN. I expect we'll see Rails integration shortly.

  • Ruby on Rack #2 - The Builder - Pratik is still writing about Rack and how to use it.

  • Tutorial: Reset Passwords with Authlogic - Just what the title says.