I've got a client who wants to integrate a CMS into an existing Rails application. As a result, I've started in on an evaluation of what's out there, to help us make the buy-vs-build decision. Here's the list of potential software that I came up with:

Rails CMS alternatives

Active projects:

adva-cms BrowserCMS Goldberg Kete Radiant Refinery Seed Static Station Typus Zena

Inactive projects:

Ansuz CMS Comatose Geego
  • repo: None - versions available by download
  • site: http://www.geegocms.com/
  • "Manage content with style"
  • Last update: 2007?
  • Dedicated CMS built on top of Rails

Dead projects:

Rubricks Widgetfinger
  • site: http://widgetfinger.com
  • Thoughtbot site that allowed generating brochureware right in the browser.
  • Scheduled to go offline 12/21/2009


Blog engines

Static page generators


I've also put this list online as a gist. I'll keep that version up to date with corrections and additions.