I noticed yesterday that qrush was hunting around for a new gem name - and this morning he's released m, a Test::Unit runner that can find a test by line number. This got me wondering: how many short gem names are left for Rubyists? Without further ado, here's the list of all released (on RubyGems.org) one-letter gems:

  • - - Appears to be junk.
  • Q - Quick HTML generator for use in helpers and such.
  • _ - Write Ruby scripts using only the underscore character.
  • a - Appears to be junk.
  • d - Start a debugger in your code with a single 'd' character.
  • f - Some file utility methods.
  • g - Kernel.g is like Kernel.p, except that its output goes to Growl.
  • h - Cryptographic tool to generate message digests.
  • j - A command-line task manager.
  • l - Command-line tool that unifies ls and less.
  • m - Run Test::Unit tests by line number.
  • n - Kernel.n is like Kernel.p, except that its output goes to notify-send.
  • o - Configuration DSL superseded by optimism.
  • q - Command-line activity logger/time tracker.
  • r - Appears to be junk.
  • t - Command-line interface for Twitter.
  • u - Alternative support for Unicode supporting both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9.
  • v - Threaded wrapper for git commands.
  • x - A few Ruby utility methods. Appears defunct.
  • z - Appears to be junk.

Please don't grab the remaining letters unless you have a good reason. We have enough gem namespace pollution already.

As for the two letter gems, I'm not going to spend time this morning exploring them all. But here's the list, in case you want to do so:

SI, ae, af, ap, at, bb, bj, c2, cb, cg, cp, cv, db, dd, de, di, dj, dl, do, dp, ds, ed, ey, fb, fs, ft, fu, gm, go, gr, gx, ht, hx, io, ip, it, jp, km, ko, le, lh, lj, mg, ml, mm, mo, mq, mu, mw, my, nr, nu, og, oh, om, os, ox, oz, pa, pb, pd, pg, pi, ps, pt, qr, qu, r2, rd, re, rm, rq, rr, rs, rt, rv, rx, s3, s4, s7, sh, ss, tb, tc, td, th, ti, tm, ts, tu, tx, un, up, uv, ve, vk, wb, wc, wf, ww, xs, xx, ya, yo, zd, zk