"In the year 2525..." I suspect most of you lovely readers don't remember that at all.

  • Hix on Rails - Ruby on Rails project generator that lets you configure all manner of components, starting at $39.
  • Launchable - "Launchable’s core technology is a machine learning engine that predicts the likelihood of a failure for each test case given a change in the source code. This allows you to run only the meaningful subset of tests, in the order that minimizes the feedback delay." Now taking beta invitation signups.
  • quicktype - Generator that converts JSON to structures in a variety of coding languages.
  • Duet - Use an iPad as an additional display for your Mac, even if it's not new enough for the official Sidecar solution. Worth the ten bucks.
  • Design tips for developers - Learning just enough design to move your projects along.
  • Pinebook Pro – My First Impressions and Setup Tips - I'm interested in open hardware, but not interested enough to take the pain yet.
  • Tor Support in Magic-Wormhole - Worth knowing if you have files you'd like to ship around securely.
  • Inside hundreds of surveillance experiments along the US-MX border - The good news: open source investigation brings home the bacon. The bad news: too many technical people apparently happily work on this crap.