So, yeah, it looks like I'm on the job market again. I'm not at all unhappy where I am, and I still believe firmly in the company's mission. But like so many other small companies these days, we may well end up as a victim of the global pandemic. There's assorted belt-tightening going on, but we're also starting to think about how to gracefully wind down, or to cut everyone back to part-time at lower salaries.

Here's the pitch: I'm an experienced manager, software developer and writer with a strong focus on satisfying customer needs. My most recent specialty has been on on Ruby on Rails, but I have experience with a wide variety of programming languages and applications. I also have substantial experience in remote consulting and distributed teams as well as documentation and customer service skills.

My current job title is "Lead Architect" but it could just as well be "Principal Engineer" or "Engineering Manager." I thrive in positions where I can help a team grow through both technical and personal leadership.

Things I am most interested in for my next job:

  • Diverse challenges where I can bring my experience to bear
  • 100% remote but with opportunities to meet with the team and company in person
  • A top-to-bottom agile environment, in a company that believes in transparency and employee engagement
  • An organization with good prospects and a commitment to doing good
  • The chance to make a wider impact in the company, through people management and mentoring as well as technical expertise

I've done a little of a lot of things. I can happily step into an engineering manager, team lead, principal engineer, architect, or other leadership role as necessary.

You can email me at MikeG1 [at] , or there are some other alternatives on the About page here. And thanks in advance for any leads!