It's time to share my current side project with my faithful readers: GreenAndRed. This is a little something I've been noodling around for two reasons. First, I got tired of dealing with other people's legacy Rails code. Second, I needed a better way to maintain our company risk matrix than a Markdown document.

So, this is a site that will let you track and organize the risks to your projects and what you're doing about them. I don't honestly know what its future is: it could be anything from shutting down to turning into an actual paid SAAS. I make no guarantees at this point, other than that your data is exportable as CSV so you can always get it back out.

Signups are free at the moment, and likely for some time to come, though I'm running new accounts through an approval process (mostly to make sure I don't get overwhelmed). If you're interested, feel free to sign up and then watch your email for an approval.