End of the Road

Yesterday was the last real Double Shot. I'm retiring, from working in software and from the Internet in general.

I've been writing code for over 40 years. I've been doing daily news roundups for decades, first in the Microsoft world and later in open source land. And frankly I'm just tired.

Looking back, I'm also not super-happy with how the industry has evolved. There was a time when I could believe and hope that software was making the world a better place. Looking around, I'm not so sure any more. Money and power have seized pretty much everything related to software, and the rising tide of surveillance, manipulation, and generally rapacious behavior appears to be getting worse all the time. It's become harder and harder to find any industry niche that I feel comfortable in working any longer. My sincere blessings to those of you who are still fighting the good fight, but as I said, I'm tired.

So, I'm done. This domain will remain online until the registration expires, and then it's gone. If you want anything, grab it now.