Double Shot #1578

  • rscss - "Reasonable System for CSS Stylesheet Structure," a way to organize your stylesheets for sanity.
  • Administrate - Admin dashboard library for Rails from Thoughtbot.

Double Shot #1576

  • Canary Releases - A tweak to blue green deploys that starts by trickling traffic to a new site version so you can catch real world problems before everyone sees the change.
  • Aruba - Cucumber steps for testing CLI applications.
  • ruby-tricks - GitHub repo full of obscure and useful things you can do with ruby.

Double Shot #1575

  • Ruby::Pretentious - A gem to support "design driven tests" by building Rspec files directly from your already-finished code.
  • Get Shit Done Rails Version - UI gem to help integrate Bootstrap with Rails. Free version with a forthcoming paid pro version & a marketplace for themes.

Double Shot #1574

  • Announcing Carina by Rackspace - "Instant-on native container environment" currently in free beta that now gives you access to Docker Swarm but has plans to expand to other orchestration tools later.
  • i18n-tasks - Find missing translations and unused keys in Ruby internationalization files.

Double Shot #1573

  • Things To Avoid When Writing CSS - Some of this will rub people the wrong way, especially the advice to avoid breaking CSS up into multiple files.
  • Jekyll 3.0 Released - Static site-builder that lets you toss text to GitHub Pages (or other places) quite simply. There are lots of bells and whistles these days if you want them.

Double Shot #1568

  • Codacy - Automated code analysis tool that integrates with GitHub (or other repositories). Free for public repos, starting at $20/month for private repos.
  • The Dynamic Def - Abusing ruby syntax for fun & interactive fiction in irb.
  • Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on - The official way to ditch GA. Or, you could just run NoScript and avoid downloading their JS in the first place.

Double Shot #1565

  • Photon - Framework to build cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies on top of GitHub's Electron.
  • Announcing SDREM - A new script to set up a Rails development environment on OS X, with a mix of open source and app store installs.

Double Shot #1563

  • rgraph - Interactive JavaScript charting library that uses the canvas tag for speed.
  • Padrino 0.13.0 - New release of this web application framework built on top of the Sinatra core.
  • Dasherize - Open source project dashboard, for projects you run via GitHb and some CI infrastructure.

Double Shot #1561

  • ttnt - Experimental testing library to find and run only the tests affected by particular code commits.
  • AnyLogin - User impersonation gem for developers that integrates with Devise and Authlogic.

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