Double Shot #1367

  • CanCanCan - An attempt to revive and continue the CanCan authorization project.
  • orats - Opinionated rails application templates and ansible playbook.
  • Kanban Tool - A Kanban board with reporting and time-tracking built in.

Double Shot #1360

  • Hoodie - Offline first web framework using local storage for everything.
  • Honeybadger - Chrome extension to dig up information on the current website.

Double Shot #1356

  • Shortcode - Ruby gem for parsing Wordpress style shortcodes.
  • Octotree - Chrome addin to make browsing source on GitHub simpler.
  • Jest - JavaScript unit testing library built on top of Jasmine.

Double Shot #1354

  • Dringend - Mac and iOS IDE that runs on an iPad.
  • CoreOS - Linux distribution optimized for large-scale server deployments.
  • Pirata - Ruby API for The Pirate Bay.
  • Exceptiontrap - Error tracking for Rails and PHP applications.

Double Shot #1353

  • Paw - $20 GUI client for testing of HTTP/REST requests.
  • Ruby 2.1.2 is released - Takes care of a fix for readline build issues and some other goodies.
  • rubyfuu - Brainfuck compiler written in Ruby. Some people have too much spare time.
  • Firebug 2.0 beta 5 - With some minor UI enhancements and the usual round of fixes. I'm overall finding 2.0 a huge improvement in performance over 1.x in edge Firefox.

Double Shot #1351

  • tamplier - Gem to check whether you remembered to deploy the real .yml files to configure your application.
  • Jekyll turns 2.0.0 - Been plenty of work on this site generator over the years.

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