Double Shot #1230

  • DataFart - Unfortunately-named command-line graphing tool.
  • Lightbeam for Firefox - Mozilla has upgraded and revised their Collusion add-on for tracking the trackers.
  • Rollbar - Multi-language error-tracking service.
  • PhysicsJS - Alpha relesed of a 2D JavaScript physics engine.
  • rvm1-capistrano3 - Shim gem for deployments.

Double Shot #1224

Double Shot #1220

  • Shrimp - Gem to create PDFs from URLs using phantomjs (which allows including JavaScript-generated content in the PDF).
  • song-status - Show the currently playing song in the Sublime Text status bar. An RSS feed ticker can't be far behind.
  • fortyfour issues - Geeks have some fun with one of the White House's GitHub repositories.
  • State of the Stack: Ruby Edition - Infographic from New Relic.

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