Double Shot #1276

Double Shot #1274

  • How's My SSL - Check to make sure your browser is using sensible security defaults.
  • Improving our SSL Setup - GitHub walks through some of the things they did to harden up the server side.
  • Sneakers - Another entrant in the background processing library for Ruby sweepstakes.
  • Naforo Beta - New code review platform taking signups for a closed beta.

Double Shot #1272

  • Gitalytics - Ruby gem to provide some quick stats on git repo commits.
  • Spacegray - A set of minimal Sublime Text themes.
  • Entrepreneur's Guides to Asia - Books to help you start a business in Cambodia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar…16 countries in all. Or one 4500-page eBook covers everything.

Double Shot #1268

Happy New Year!

  • polybox - A combo of Docker and Vagrant to make full dev environments easily available. Prestocked with boxes for Rails 4, Django, Go, Haskell, and Nodejs.

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