Double Shot #1538

  • AppHub - React Native framework to allow updating your iOS apps without going through Apple review. It may be technically OK under the current license agreement but I'll bet Apple cracks down on this stuff soon.
  • Introducing Docker Content Trust - Strong cryptographic signatures for what gets installed in Docker images.
  • GitHub Desktop is now available - Next version of the GitHug desktop client for Mac and Windows.

Double Shot #1534

  • JAWS - A "Javascript and AWS Stack" to let you deploy scalable sites without servers on the cheap.
  • Evolution of Ruby on Rails - Youtube movie of Gource visualization of the entire RoR repo.
  • Fast Ruby - Techniques for speeding up your code, with benchmarks. Do run the benchmarks on your own app rather than just cargo-culting this stuff.

Double Shot #1529

  • GitCompound - New dependency manager with features from git submodules and bundler all in one.
  • Proof - "Insanely simple authentication" for use with Rails and various front-end libraries.
  • Inch CI - Evaluate the completeness of documentation in your Ruby, JS, and Elixir projects.

Double Shot #1521

  • Endless - iOS Web browser that emphasizes security and privacy.
  • Liberation Week - Free replacement screws for those bonehead Apple pentahead things on your iPhone. (Well, for those of you who actually use iPhones).
  • iso_latte - Launch ruby code into a subprocess, where it can blow chunks in peace.

Double Shot #1520

  • Safari is the new IE - Given that Apple is increasingly the new Microsoft, this is not very surprising.
  • gkv - A wrapper for git that turns it into a key-value store. Probably not something you'd want to use in production.
  • Docker Cheat Sheet - Lots and lots of good info here.

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