Double Shot #1342

  • Meat-Shot - Screenshot tool for Selenium testing.
  • Mina - Deployment tool that's seeing some fresh activity with new maintainers.
  • Gandalf - Docker repositories as a service.

Double Shot #1340

  • Consul - New service discovery and configuration tool from Hashicorp (the folks behind Vagrant and other tools).

Double Shot #1339

  • Learn Version Control with Git - "A step-by-step course for the complete beginner" from the folks behind the Tower git client.
  • minicron - Combination of web UI and alerting engine for cron.
  • various - Configuration layer for the new Acton Pack variants that Rails recently introduced.

Double Shot #1338

  • This Week in Rails - Weekly newsletter tracking the progress of the Rails source code.
  • xkpasswd - Online secure password generator that uses the algorithm popularized by xkcd.
  • Invoicing - Ruby gem that tries to capture the process of producing printed invoices.

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