Double Shot #1964

Double Shot #1963

Double Shot #1955

Double Shot #1954

Double Shot #1953

Double Shot #1951

  • Picobox - Docmer environment that aims to let you do Rails development inside of it without learning new commands.
  • <a href=""fd</a> - Fast alternative to find with an easier syntax and output colorization.
  • Ruby 2.5.0-preview1 Released - It's on the way...
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Double Shot #1950

  • get_schwifty - Render slow Rails partials via ActiveJob and then push them out to the client via ActionCable. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Public APIs - All the JSON APIs you could ever want.
  • Fenetra - "Picture in picture for your Mac." Float a window in front of everything else so you can do things like watch a video while you code.
  • Building a Macroservice on Rails with RabbitMQ and Sneakers - Another approach to breaking up a monolith. Lots of us playing in this pool these days.

Double Shot #1948

  • Changes to tab min-width - Firefox Nightly is experimenting with the brain-dead Chrome behavior of letting tabs get so skinny that you can't identify them. This thread discusses & shows how you can change back to sanity.
  • Break that big ball of mud! - A plan for decomposing a monolith by starting with events.
  • An Update on Firefox Containers - Lots of new features here, though I'd still prefer to have tab groups back.
  • PostgreSQL 10 Released - With the usual pile of new features. The replication & partitioning improvements look particularly interesting.
  • PgParty - Active Record support for PostgreSQL 10 partitioning.

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