Double Shot #2523

  • Why build this blog - or anything - on IPFS? - An argument based on ownership, resilience, and elegance.
  • SimpleLogin - Backend for an open source email forwarding service. "SimpleLogin is a privacy-focused alternative to the 'Login with Facebook/Google/Twitter' buttons."
  • Roam: Why I Love It and How I Use It - A deep look at one of the currently-trending note-organization tools.
  • Fishbole - "With Fishbole, record high-quality video explanations alongside any PowerPoint, Google Slide, PDF, Image or Screen recording and share in minutes." Free for public content, paid for private.
  • Templates - For vision, strategy, pitch, and more.
  • Realworld - Fullstack clone demo application with swappable front and backends in a variety of technologies.
  • What is an Agile Environment? - Some characteristics of agile companies.
  • Taco Bell Programming - An argument that "functionality is an asset, but code is a liability. This is the opposite of a trend of nonsense called DevOps."

Double Shot #2522

  • Fedora CoreOS out of preview - Another choice for containerized workloads.
  • MindForger - A MarkDown-based "thinking notebook" that provides another way to organize all the snippets of information you want.
  • Autumn - "The macOS window manager for JavaScript hackers"
  • Disable IPv4 now! - At least, if you'd like to see whether your ISP and favorite sites support IPv6.
  • PurgeCSS - Tool for removing unused selectors from your CSS files.
  • Software Architect - One architect's view of what the job entails and how to move into the field.
  • Shipped - "Shipped is an issue tracking system built on top of Slack where every issue is a thread teams can discuss on and get more done faster."
  • AWS Backup: EC2 Instances, EFS Single File Restore, and Cross-Region Backup - The automated cross-region backups in particular will simplify some lives (and cost more money, of course).

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Double Shot #2517

  • ungoogled chromium - If you like the Chrome browser but don't like the amount of information it shares with Google, here's an alternative.
  • The Good Parts of AWS - An opinionated ebook ($38 to purchase).
  • IgniteOS - "Ignite Os is a simple linux OS focused on productivity and git tools, optimized with all drivers to run on Chromebooks, Netbooks and micro boards." Under active development.
  • Cloudron - "Cloudron is a platform that makes it easy to install, manage and secure web apps on your server. You can install Cloudron on your server (from say AWS, Digital Ocean etc), give it a domain name and start installing apps." Free up to 2 apps, then $30/month.
  • JollysFastVNC - Secure VNC/ARD client (which lets me have both Linux & Mac boxes open as remote desktops at the same time).
  • Rete.js - "Rete is a modular framework for visual programming. Rete allows you to create node-based editor directly in the browser. You can define nodes and workers that allow users to create instructions for processing data in your editor without a single line of code."
  • Nota - Terminal-based calculator that handles things like radicals and Greek letters and trig functions.
  • Live Streaming Server Setup - A how-to guide to setting up RTMP on your own infrastructure.
  • Copy & paste from tmux to system clipboard - A tip for the Linux users out there.
  • darken - Javascript library to make dark mode easy to implement.
  • Secure 2FA SSH and PGP using Krypton - Turn your phone into an all-purpose 2FA device.
  • Creating Tables and Querying data with AWS DynamoDB - An introduction.

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Double Shot #2508

  • bandwhich - CLI utility to show which processes are using your bandwidth.
  • How I enhance pull request quality on Github and Azure DevOps - Building a thorough pull request template.
  • Switching to Zeitwerk - Some things to watch out for with the new Rails autoloader.
  • KafkaHQ - "Kafka GUI for topics, topics data, consumers group, schema registry, connect and more."
  • Zwitterion - "A web dev server that lets you import anything" which makes it another attempt to simplify modern web development.
  • Brett’s Favorites 2019 - There are a lot of best-of lists out there, but I found more apps and hardware of interest to me on Brett's than most others.
  • Choosing a license for GoatCounter - One developer sorts through copyleft alternatives.
  • Snapcast - "Snapcast is a multi-room client-server audio player, where all clients are time synchronized with the server to play perfectly synced audio."/li> </ul>

Double Shot #2507

  • Multi-branch CodePipeline strategy with event-driven architecture - Implmenting GitFlow entirely within AWS tools.
  • Computer Science from the Bottom Up - "In a nutshell, what you are reading is intended to be a shop class for computer science." A free online textbook to help you understand what's underneath the hood.
  • IncludeOS - "IncludeOS allows you to run your application in the cloud without an operating system. IncludeOS adds operating system functionality to your application allowing you to create performant, secure and resource efficient virtual machines."
  • Ruby Lazy Enumerators - Syntax I've never needed, but who knows what the future will bring (or what opportunities I've missed).
  • Wyze Exposes User Data via Unsecured ElasticSearch Cluster - Merry Christmas. Remember, IoT stands for "Internet of Trash."
  • Distributed systems learnings in 2019 - From one of Uber's engineering managers.
  • Truemail - "The Truemail gem helps you validate emails via regex pattern, presence of DNS records, and real existence of email account on a current email server."
  • Chromda - "Chromda is an AWS Lambda function for serverless capturing screenshots of websites." Trigger it via SQS, SNS, API Gateway or Cloudwatch events.

Double Shot #2506

Double Shot #2505

  • JIT development progress at Ruby 2.7 - The progress mainly being in eliminating things that didn't work.
  • I only use an iFrame to crawl and scrape content - Injecting a web scraper from the developer console.
  • Why npm lockfiles can be a security blindspot for injecting malicious modules - I do wish there was some way to roll back the clock and uninvent NPM. Failing that, I stick my head in the sand like everyone else.
  • Kinchan -"Composable browser automation with Ruby."
  • Wifi deauthentication attacks and home security - Don't like Ring surveillance devices? Knock them off their networks. This is likely illegal but I'd love to see this sort of thing catch on. I can imagine a standalone battery-powered "Ring killer" that could be tossed in the bushes to do it's work. Wipe your fingerprints off first.
  • Stroom - "Stroom is a data processing, storage and analysis platform. It is scalable - just add more CPUs / servers for greater throughput. It is suitable for processing high volume data such as system logs, to provide valuable insights into IT performance and usage."
  • faasd - "aasd is a Golang supervisor that bundles OpenFaaS for use with containerd instead of a container orchestrator like Kubernetes or Docker Swarm."
  • Ruby 2.7 - Comprehensive changelog with links and code examples.

Double Shot #2504

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