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  • Sail - Rails engine for live control of application settings.
  • SQLer - Direct database API written in Go.
  • hexyl - Simple and colorful terminal hex viewer.
  • Slack Integration - From IRCCloud. Still a bit rough around the edges but if they enable use from other IRC clients I'll definitely be interested.

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  • How to Lead - An outline of some leadership (as differentiated from management) principles with general application.
  • KubeDB - "Run production-grade databases easily on Kubernetes"
  • SchemaCrawler - Free tool for poking around a variety of databases and generating ERDs.
  • Seven tough lessons from ten years in bootstrapped business - Learning from a consulting career.
  • The Ruby Changes - Comprehensive changelog for Ruby 2.6 with links to key discussions and justifications.
  • Flexibility is the greatest perk - Forget the free snacks, letting people choose their own working conditions is table stakes these days.
  • crev - An attempt at a social code review tool to help mitigate some of the issues in gargantuan dependency trees.

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Aphantasia: How It Feels To Be Blind In Your Mind has nothing really to do with the subject of this blog, but it hit me hard enough to be worth linking. Took me decades on the earth to find this and realize I'm substantially different from many other people in a way I never realized. Now back to your regularly-scheduled links.

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