Double Shot #1914

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Double Shot #1910

  • Bootstrap 4 Beta - Remember when Bootstrap was just a CSS framework? Now "an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS," the new version is close to shipping.
  • BarbBlock - Chrome extension to block domains that have used phoney-baloney DMCA takedown notices to remove themselves from other blocklists. You move, bad people.
  • [ANNOUNCE] Git v2.14.1, v2.13.5, and others - Update your git if you haven't lately - potentially nasty security bug fix. There are similar patches for Mercurial & Subversion.

Double Shot #1907

Double Shot #1903

  • Realtime with React and Rails - Putting Action Cable together with React. It'd be interesting to see whether this is easier to set up with Rails 5.2 built-in React support.
  • The State of JavaScriot 2017 - If you have an opinion, you might want to make a few minutes to contribute to this survey.
  • Firefox Test Pilot - Sort of like level-ups for Firefox: experiments that might make it into the core browser. They added a few new ones this month.

Double Shot #1901

I'm happy to report that I'm no longer job-hunting. I will shortly be starting in an engineering role at PhishMe. Thanks to everyone who offered job leads and encouragement.

Double Shot #1900

Double Shot #1899

  • Investor Bulletin: Initial Coin Offerings - It really shouldn't be a huge surprise that the SEC intends to regulate ICOs, or that they consider many of them to be fraudulent.
  • Shoelace.css - Lightweight replacement for chunks of bootstrap designed to be integrated into a modern web site build process.
  • The Remote Work Survival Guide - Some tips for people new to remote work, compiled by Zapier.
  • Gito - Tool that combines cloning, installing dependencies, and opening in your editor. Why didn't I think of this?
  • React 16 Beta - Now available for public testing. Given that there's a huge rewrite at the core of it, you should probably have a look sooner rather than later if you're running React in production.
  • The Firefox Grid Inspector, July 2017 edition - In-browser design tools continue to advance rapidly.

Double Shot #1898

Double Shot #1897

  • Rack::Cargo - Rack middleware to handle multiple API requests without multiple HTTP round-trips. Useful when you want to get, say, a customer and all their orders but they use two separate endpoints.
  • Git Cop - Want to enforce styling and conventions on your team's git commits? Here's the tool.
  • Postgres Query Plan Visualization - Online tool to provide a nicer view of EXPLAIN output from PostgreSQL.
  • Katacoda - "Interactive Technical Learning Platform for Software Engineers" with a wide variety of courses on topics like Docker, Kubernetes, git, Terraform, Tensorflow and plenty more.
  • Why are all my friends buying an overhyped digital currency? - Because they're suckers. Maybe you need a new crop of friends.

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Double Shot #1895

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