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  • Lurk From Home - Tools to defeat intrusive productivity monitoring.
  • macOS 10.15: Slow by Design - More implications of Apple's continuing drive to remove control of our computers from us.
  • Catalina is checking notarization of unsigned executables - GTFO, Apple.
  • Materialize - "Developing streaming data applications can be as simple as writing SQL."
  • Mutagen-based caching - "Docker Desktop for Mac on Edge has a new file sharing feature which performs a continuous two-way sync of files between the host and containers using Mutagen."
  • loginsrv - "loginsrv is a standalone minimalistic login server providing a JWT login for multiple login backends."
  • UTM - "Windows, Linux, and more natively and securely on iOS within an App " from this virtual machine software.
  • thoughts - "thoughts is a highly portable shell program for making anything-less-than-a-blog-sized text posts from a terminal."
  • htmx - "htmx allows you to access AJAX, WebSockets and Server Sent Events directly in HTML, using attributes, so you can build modern user interfaces with the simplicity and power of hypertext"
  • 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now at $75 - Because you can never have too much pi.
  • EditMode - Tool to build easily-editable websites.
  • Snowpack 2.0 - "Snowpack removes the bundler from your dev environment, leveraging native ES Module (ESM) support to serve built files directly to the browser."

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  • The DynamoDB Book - How to effectively use the AWS NoSQL storage. $79 (or more with videos), sample content available free.
  • SubEthaEdit 5 - Collaborative editing in a mature package.
  • REDIMO - "Redimo is a library that allows you to use the Redis API on DynamoDB." Make sure you read the licensing terms before using.
  • Recoil - "A state management library for React" from Facebook's experimental projects group.
  • Build a Local Lab - To learn how the Kubestack GitOps framework functions.
  • This is What Peak Hello World Looks Like - Going down a rabbit hole of pure C obfuscation.
  • Chrome Galvanizer - "Chrome Galvanizer is a tool to generate Chrome enterprise policies to help users harden their browser security."
  • Brainfuck Interpreter - Online, interactive, and oh dear make it stop.

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  • TileDB 2.0 and the Future of Data Science - "TileDB is an open-source and cloud-native storage engine for chunked, compressed, multi-dimensional arrays."
  • Self-Contained Systems - Breaking up a monolith without going all the way to microservices.
  • Super Bootable 64 - If you happen to have the right ROM, you can build a bootable Linux ISO of Super Mario 64.
  • The Composable Architecture - "The Composable Architecture is a library for building applications in a consistent and understandable way, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind. It can be used in SwiftUI, UIKit, and more, and on any Apple platform (iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS)."
  • Rodauth - "Rodauth is Ruby's most advanced authentication framework."
  • dumbass - "Tools should be simple, because you're not smart enough to debug it." A simpler alternative to things like React.
  • Keybase joins Zoom - A successful exit, but one that is worrying the Keybase community. I'm keeping a wary eye on things myself.
  • EdenSCM - Open-source file system from Facebook, used as part of their giant monorepo.

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