Double Shot #1935

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Double Shot #1930

  • Little Warden - Service to keep an eye on a bunch of website things like the status of your robots.txt and whether your domain registration is going to expire soon.
  • Talk - Mozilla has a tool for managing and hosting online comments. I should take a look at this.
  • HashiCorp Vagrant 2.0 - New major version of this tool for managing virtual development environments.
  • Publishing with Apache Kafka at The New York Times - With a variety of producers & consumers, the NYT found a log/stream based architecture better than an API based one.
  • - I think I've mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating: "a repository of self-care resources for developers & others." Take care of yourselves, people.
  • 6 Lessons I learned while implementing technical RFCs as a management tool - An aspect of software development management I'd never thought about, but which looks useful.

Double Shot #1929

  • NGINX Unit - New application server with built-in support for Go, PHP, and Python. "More languages on the way soon."
  • Yarn v1.0.0 ! - A milestone for this package manager.
  • Quick Access to Your Production Rails Console - If you run the same commands over and over, it's time to script them.
  • Gemfile's new clothes - Oh goody, Bundler 2.0 is changing the file names it works with. There are good reasons, but it's going to be a big change for the ecosystem.
  • Writing Imperfect Code - A contrarian view of some of the currently-accepted best practices in software development.
  • lolcat - Awesomely garish replacement for cat.
  • Datadog acquires - Datadog is adding log consolidation to its existing metrics and APM capabilities.

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